VII Symposium On Enabling Optical Networks and Sensors
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Symposium Program (last updated: 19 June 09)

Date: 26th of June, Amadora, Portugal


The Symposium will consist of Invited and Contributed talks organized in the following topics: Transmission, networks, sensors and FBGs.

Invited Talks

  1. Leonor Almeida, Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN), ‘Overview of NSN Development Center in Portugal’.
  2. Carlos Ferreira, NSN, ‘Introduction to DWDM Research Development in Portugal’
  3. Paulo Monteiro, NSN, ‘Research Activities at NSN Portugal’
  4. Sir John O’Reilly, Vice-Chancellor of Cranfield University, UK, "Network Evolution - Survival of the Fittest".
  5. Nobuyuki Kataoka, National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT), Japan, ‘Development of Full-Duplex, 10Gbps OCDMA System’.
  6. Klaus-Dieter Langer, Fraunhofer-Institut fuer Nachrichtentechnik, Heinrich-Hertz-Institut, Germany, ‘Broadband Home Area Networks – Meeting the Needs of Today and Tomorrow’.
  7. Julio Montalvo, University Carlos III of Madrid, Spain, ‘Radio-Frequency Self-referencing Monitoring Techniques for Access Passive Optical Networks’.
  8. Martin Becker, Institute of Photonic Technology, Germany, ‘Beyond Photosensitivity? Fiber-Bragg-Grating Inscription with UV Femtosecond Laser Radiation’.
  9. S. Pelli, Istituto di Fisica Applicata, Italy, ‘Recent advances on whispering gallery mode microresonator sensors’

Contributed Papers


  1. A. Amador et al, Hybrid Communication System applying electric CDMA over optical WDM.
  2. V. Ribeiro et al, Chromatic Dispersion Monitoring Technique Using Asynchronous Sampling and Half Bit Delay Tap.
  3. L. Amaral et al, Measurement of Polarization Mode Dispersion with Low-Coherence Interferometry.
  4. N. M. Pinto et al, FPGA Implementation of Signal Processing Algorithms in Coherent Optical Systems.
  5. A. Almeida et al, Single-Photon Source With Adjustable Linear SOP.
  6. J. Santos et al, Alternatives for the Virtually-Concatenated Transport of 100 Gb/s Ethernet over OTN.
  7. J. Reis et al, Experimental Validation of a WDM Ring Optimization Algorithm for Nonlinear Impairments Minimization.
  8. M. Drummond et al, HiBi-fiber-based Photonic RF Instantaneous Frequency Measurement System.
  9. P. Carvalho et al, Performance of Wi-Fi Equipments in IEEE 802.11a Laboratory Point-to-Point Links.
  10. N. Marques et al, A Contribution to Laboratory Performance Measurements of IEEE 802.11 a, g Point-to-Point Links using TCP, UDP and FTP.
  11. N. Pavlovic et al, Benefits of Raman Amplification in Ring-Based Remotely Pumped PON.
  12. H. Moura et al, Power Estimation and EVM Evaluation of QAM Finite Sequences.
  13. F. Ferreira et al, Generation of 60 GHz RoF/SCM signals using optical upconversion and centimeter-wave photonic devices.
  14. A. Reis et al, Effects of the Prefilter Type on Digital Symbol Synchronizers.
  15. A. Reis et al, Sequential Symbol Synchronizers of Clock Sampling with Discrete Automatic Pulses.
  16. A. Albuquerque, Simulations of Fabry-Pérot filters based on fiber Bragg gratings for high bit rate clock recovery.
  17. N. André, Recent results in Plastic Optical Fiber point to point links.


  1. G. Rego et al, Simulation of the transmission spectra of long-period gratings induced in pure-silica-core fibers by arc discharges.
  2. G. Rego et al, Optical fiber devices produced by arc discharges.
  3. J. Viegas et al, Design and Fabrication of Slotted Multimode Interference Devices for Biochemical Sensing.
  4. J. Velosa et al, System for interrogation of interferometric optical fiber sensors with digital control.
  5. V. Rodrigues et al, Virtual Instrumentation for frequency domain spectroscopy applications.
  6. C. Maule et al, Gold NanoShell Particles for Metal Enhanced Fluorescent Sensing Application.
  7. S. Lima et al, Extrinsic Fiber Fabry-Perot Sensor for Acoustic Detection of Partial Discharges in Transformers.
  8. D. Viegas et al, Non-Terminal High Temperature Fiber Bragg Grating Sensor Based on U-Shape Lossless Taper.
  9. H. Gonçalves et al, Synthesis and Functionalization of Carbon Nanoparticles for Sensing Applications.
  10. F. Baptista et al, Simulation of Long Period Fibre Gratings.
  11. D. Pereira et al, A simple model to evaluate coupling efficiency of fiber optic probes for sensing applications.
  12. C. Gouveia et al, LPG-based interferometric sensor for measurement of dissolved CO2.
  13. A. Ribeiro et al, Interferometric setup for refractive index measurement of thin films.
  14. J. P. Carvalho et al, Optoelectronic sensing system based on wavelength modulation spectroscopy for methane detection.
  15. S. H. Aref et al, Sensing Characteristics of Modal Interferometers based on HC-PCF.
  16. S. H. Aref et al, Strain and Temperature Response of a Modal Interferometer Based on ARROW Fiber.
  17. J. Santos et al, Long Period Fiber Granting as EDFA Gain flattening: simulation and experimental results.
  18. J. Sarabando et al, Support software for the production of FBG with the stitching method.

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